Sunday, August 28, 2011

...I Had Read This Book Earlier!

     About two weeks ago I went about my usual routine: Get on the bus, go to class, and then get back on the bus. But, in the between time while waiting for class to start, or the bus to finally come, several different people asked me about the book I had in hand. They wanted to know if it’s a good read? Did I enjoy it?
One girl even stepped into the bus waiting area to ask me. There she had been just walking by to class. But, the sight of my book had made her ask: Is that a good book?
It’s amazing the way books can create a conversation.
What is the book, you ask?
Why, it’s The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

I’m not sure what took me sooo long to find this book. Probably because I stick with YA fiction. You know, the less “serious” stuff. The kind of books with vampires (for shame) and fairy tales.
Okay. Back to the book. It’s a New York Times Bestseller and definitely worth the read. In fact it’s #1, or at least was at some point.
The book is funny, but it’s also sad. It’s just…it’s a touching book. It literally reaches into your soul. Okay, maybe not literally, but you get what I mean. There have been a few times I’ve laughed aloud. But, then there have been times when I felt like my heart was breaking. Stockett really works the emotions in this book.
            For those who don’t anything about the book, here’s a quick synopsis:
            It takes place during the 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi when the south was still heavily segregated. The story revolves around three main women. There’s Skeeter, Minny, and Aibileen; and each character definitely brings something to the story. Skeeter, who is a young white girl, wants to write a book on what life is really like for black maids in the South and Aibileen (a maid) helps her along with Minny (also a maid).
I guarantee you will want to slap some of the characters, they’re just that horrible.
            Stockett did such a good job with her characters. They’re real and entertaining (especially Minny). The thing that I like so far is Skeeter’s progress as a character. I don’t think Skeeter really knows the breadth of what she’s getting into at first, but as she realizes what’s going on around her she begins to mature.
            I believe that books can really…help us grow up, I guess. They can show us things we wouldn’t normally see and can teach us so much. And, I feel like this book really does those things.  
            Now, I haven’t finished the book yet and I’m dying to see the movie! So, I might end up writing about The Help again.
            But, I wanted people to know that yes it’s a good read and no, I don’t like it. I LOVE it.
  ’s review on the cover writes, “This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird…If you only read one book…let this be it.”
            And, I definitely agree. I just wish I had read this book earlier!

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