Sunday, September 25, 2011

...The World Didn't Depend on Technology So Much

This is going to be an angry blog post.

First of all I hate hackers. I hate them with such a passion
and the seventh circle of Hell is reserved specifically for them.

A few days ago I received an email from a friend and a link
was attached. The minute I clicked it my computer was infected with hacker
software. So, now I can’t use my laptop until the software has been removed. Let
me tell you, it is a pain in the arse. The hackers can monitor everything I type
so I had to change all my passwords. And, my email account continuously spams
everyone in my email account. And when I write everyone, I mean EVERYONE who I have
ever sent an email to. Schools from my senior in high school, my ex, my
friends. Everyone.

Lesson Number 1: Do NOT open links from friends because it
can only lead to trouble. If it looks suspicious then it is.

So, now I’m being forced to use the library computer, but
then that doesn’t even work properly. My emails won’t open up on it! I can’t
contact people and for some reason it won’t receive all the emails. I can’t
access my BlogCritic account because my email won’t receive the renewed
password email.  To make matters worse
when I got onto my Blogger account everything was in Chinese. And my first
thought was literally, “Shit, they’ve managed to hack into my accounts even
when I’ve changed the freakin’ password AND I’m not using my laptop!”

Lesson Number 2: Being hacked creates paranoia. I seriously
feel like everything I do is being monitored by the stupid arseholes who hacked
me. This is cannot be good for my mental state. Soon, I’ll be a crazy person
living in a hut and working about conspiracies.

FINALLY after changing my language I could read my account.

Sadly, this is not the first time I have had difficulties
with technology. Sometimes I think the government should hire me to just to
help them destroy enemy technology. I really wouldn’t have to do much.
Seriously, it’s like my mere presence creates technology chaos. Nothing ever
goes right.  A friend of mine said
something about artsy people being completely anti-tech. At least I’m not
alone, I guess.

Now, back to hackers.

Those people should stop pulling this kind of crap on innocent
people. I’m not usually an angry person and rarely do I hate anything – except baggy
pants on guys. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Okay, back to the topic.
Hackers should realize that karma is a bitch who doesn’t play nice.

The day I found out what had been going on I felt paralyzed
with fear. I had been using my laptop for week unknowingly with the hacker
software running on it. I called my email account people and then I called my
mom. All I wanted to do was cry because everything is on my laptop. My laptop
is how I get homework done. It’s how I check my bursar account.

During this crazy time I’ve learned how much I depend on
technology and to be protected while I’m using the Internet and stuff. It’s
kind of crazy and makes me want to give it all up. But, I can’t because how do I
get my homework in? Or, finish my class? Keep in touch my out of town friends?

We’ve opened Pandora’s box and now we have to deal with the
consequences. And, it’s a little bit scary.

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