Thursday, September 29, 2011

...The Radio Had Better Music

I used to love the radio. But, lately I've been turning more and more to my iPhone for music. A year ago a friend introduced me to a tape that connects to my iPhone. All I have to do is put the tape into any tape player and then I'm surrounded by all my favorite songs. It seems like the radio has grown more and more repetitive lately. Where I am rap and country are popular genres. It's almost impossible to find alternative music on the radio, and don't get me started about the morning personalities and commercials.

But, aside from all that there doesn't seem to be good music up front in the media. I like dancing to Ke$ha and everything, but sometimes I want music that has a little more to it. Something that grabs the soul. Something with lyrics that have meaning.

My favorite way to find new music is through TV shows. I know, I know. A little hypocritical since I just said it's hard to find good music in the media. I guess I mostly mean on the radio and shows like VH1 or MTV (dear Lord, there is so much wrong now with that show). It's a lot of mainstream stuff. Man, that makes me sound like a hipster. Back to TV show music. Vampire Diaries may be a cheesy show (though, Stefan could totally take Edward) but it has great music. If I hadn't watched the show I would never have found Stateless.

Statless's music is art in every way. Music in general is art, but I feel like Stateless takes it to a new level. From their lyrics to the music itself, art and creativity flow everywhere.

This song, "Ariel," is just one example. I swear, I have watched this video a million times. The song and dancing both just overwhelm me. The band is like nothing I have ever heard before, and maybe that's why I like them so much. They're refreshing. There's also meaning behind their lyrics, too. They don't just say something to say something.

"This Language" may be one of my favorite songs. The combination of the orchestra instruments and the rapping and the lyrics...It seriously leaves me completely amazed every time. I have been listening to Stateless non-stop. This song in particular stands out with the lyrics addressing war and its language.
And the song that started it all, "Bloodstream." A song about being consumed with love, lust, or infatuation. I guess it just depends on how you look at it.

Stateless is a band from England (like all bands I'm drawn to) and their self-titled first CD, Stateless, came out in 2007. "Bloodstream" and "This Language" were from the 2007 album. Then, the band's sophomore album, Matilda, came out early 2011. The song "Ariel" comes from that CD. I feel like there's more orchestra behind the 2011 album. And I LOVE it! It's a great combination between electronics and classical. Simply original in my opinion.

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