Monday, October 3, 2011

I listened to his show, This American Life, on NPR for years because my mom loved it. The thing about Ira Glass is that his stories are so...creative and interesting. He shows that we have stories within our own communities. He is a great storyteller, and so to hear that he went through a phase where he felt disappointed by his work is humbling. It's good to know that at one point a great storyteller is one in my spot at some point. I found this video on one of my favorite author's blogs. Alexandra Bracken is kind of my hero because she started writing her book while in college and she works in publishing. Now, her book is out and she's working on her next one. I just wanted to share this with other writers out there who feel like they can't write how they want to, that their work doesn't have that "special" something. 

This is a longer version of the above.

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