Monday, October 17, 2011

...I Hadn't Spent So Much Time on YouTube

While I should have been preparing for an art history test (WHOOPS!) I ended up scouring YouTube for music. And, lucky I did or else I would not have learned about new bands (well to me, anyways) and new songs from old bands (ones that I have known about for a while, at least).

The first time I heard The Fray back in 2005 I was not too impressed. Something about the song "How to Save a Life" did not grab me immediately. But, like many of my favorite songs, I had to hear it over and over again. One friend, an avid Fray fan, introduced me to the rest of the songs on their first album. From then on I was kind of hooked. Now, the bands back with an upcoming CD titled Scars and Stories. I have already listened to the song "Heartbeat" only a gazillion and a half times. To me it has a different vibe compared to their other songs, but I could not explain to you what exactly is. Yet, there is definitely that Fray vibe. I guess maybe the vocals and guitar reminds me a little of Kings of Leon. Still, this song is The Fray's. I seriously wish I had the money to buy this song. There is just something romantic about the lyrics. When I listen to it I want to find someone to run away with, someone whose heartbeat I can feel and listen to. Really, no one does love songs like these guys. And, in my opinion, the lyrics are not too cheesy.

While watching TV (everyone needs a break from studying) I caught the trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead. The thing I enjoy most about that show is the characters. AMC brilliantly set up the plot and character issues in the first season. While there were certainly zombies in the first season, the second one promises even more. While I would love to go on a zombie rant (Zombieland, anyone?) I actually want to discuss the music from the trailer. Thanks again to television I have been shown a great new band: Wye Oak. Like the nerd I am, I instantly Googled "song from Walking Dead Trailer." The song "Civilian" plays in the trailer and is pretty much a brilliant song. The lyrics are honest and I think easy to relate to. And yet, I cannot explain them easily. They are from a woman's point a view and revolve around love and her own thoughts.

A lot of crap can be said about the Twilight movies, but their soundtracks are amazing. I learned that a band called Angus and Julia Stone would be on the lineup. Through a series of YoutTube suggestions I found the song "Lonely Hearts" which is Julia Stone's version of their original song "Just a Boy." I like Julia's take on the song and think it is interesting that she did not change the lyrics to fit her gender. The best way for me to describe her version is somber. Maybe, even haunting. Both versions are great, but I much prefer Julia's darker sound. Angus's comes across as more upbeat (though it's certainly not an overly happy sounding song). His has a romantic touch to it while Julia's has this sort of tragic vibe. Below are both versions of the song.

Speaking of amazing covers, I have been addicted to Birdy's version of "Shelter" by the XX. I love the XX and that song. But, I have to admit Birdy's version is quite powerful. She's only fifteen and yet so very talented. Birdy manages to portray the yearning that is in the original and I love the piano in it. To me it's a beautiful cover, one that does not completely trash the original. Maybe it's because of her age, but it is has such an innocence to it. But, I love the XX version because I love Romy Madley's voice and the amount of emotion in her voice, something that comes with age.

I think the next big song for graduations will be the song "Wetsuit" by The Vaccines. A song that pretty much sums of the feeling of summer in a little under four minutes. But, it has more than just a summer vibe to it. The song captures youth, too, and slowing down to enjoy it. If there ever was a song about Generation Y this would be it. Really, you just have to listen to this song and you'll understand its amazing-ness. Also, it is amazing how the band put together the music video by using photos that fans sent in from a music festival that The Vaccines were at.

All right, the last song: "Work" by 1,2,3. Seriously a catchy song. I listen to it every time  I go to work. And, for some reason, I suddenly want to throw on rain boots and jump around in puddles each time I hear it. Or, throw balloons filled with paint at a wall. Or, maybe do both at the same time. Now there is a wild idea. To me the song is just about working for society and not trusting that society at the same time. The song has a defiant tone and seems like an anthem for all the workers out there who go unnoticed like wait staff, construction works, and such.

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