Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Had Not Eaten So Much!

I have learned that the film score soundtrack on Pandora makes everything more dramatic. Thinking about writing my last Art History paper, playing Tetris, Pinterest, and all other forms of procrastinating.

Picture this: There's Inception music playing all around (because headphones totally make me feel like I'm in the movie) and the blocks are coming down faster and faster and OH NO! that stupid backwards "z" shaped one snuck in and ruined my line! And then the music gets louder and suddenly, the world depends on whether or not I make it past level ten (please, no mocking).

And then, the pressure becomes too much and the blocks pile up as the levels increase.


Thanksgiving should not be about worrying about school. It is about eating...and blurring over some of America's past...

This picture is all over the Internet right now and pretty much sums up Thanksgiving. I have never tried to fit so much green bean casserole, rolls, or chocolate delight in my stomach. And then, when my stomach is like, "Hey, I think I'm good now..." I go, "NO!!! WE CAN ALWAYS FIT IN THE STUFFING! AND...OH MY GOD! MASHED POTATOES! THAT TOO!"

Now, I kinda hate myself. But, I keep telling myself that tomorrow I will go to the gym...Ha. Ha. Ha. I wish I had a Jedi for a friend so they could do their mind trick and then I'd definitely go. 

But, really...

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