Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There Was More Bite to This Book

Book Review

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs is a paranormal-romance-mystery by Molly Harper. First off, I love paranormal books, romances, and mysteries. And all the power to the person who decided to combine the three. But, to me Harper's book is a little lacking in each of the genres, her characters, and plot line. 

The book is about a young woman named Jane Jameson who, after being hit by a truck and shot, is turned into a vampire by Gabriel. Jane was a former librarian until she was fired and given a restaurant gift certificate.

Vampires. This book has vampires. I didn't know that until several pages into the book. There was no indication whatsoever. Which, okay, vampires are mysterious, dark creature of that night. But, no. In the world of Jane Jameson vampires were long outed and are known by the human population and are apparently discriminated against. Bringing up the vampires early on would have been nice. And, to not explain it all in an extremely long information dump. 

Jane Jameson was a library and she's a pretty sassy character. I like sassy women, they're fun to read about. But, there comes a point when sassy turns just this side of annoying. She has a snappy reply for everything. Sometimes it's funny and other times not really. 

Now, Gabriel. It's a romance, there has to be a leading man. A dark, seductive man who steals the heroine's heart and leaves some of the readers a little hot and bothered. And, Gabriel was intended to be that man. However, as far as leading men go, Gabriel didn't quite interest me. He was overly aloof and condescending to the main character. There was no chemistry and I didn't find myself caring for him or his relationship with Jane.

There are a few characters that I wish could have had more screen time, like Zeb. Others, such as Jane's mother and sister, were comical and an uninteresting.

Overall I felt dissatisfied with the book. There were a lot of things being set up for the later novels and much of what was happening in the first one got rushed through. More time towards the back story about the vampires and more of base for Jane and Gabriel's relationship would have created more of an interest, at least for me, in the book. 

The romance was overlooked, the paranormal book was overlooked, and the mystery was overlooked. This book needed more attention and less info dumps.

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